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“Scribble engine” based in Tirur, Malappuram is an architectural firm started in the year 2013. Since then, we have showed an inclined growth of progress and an excellent track record with new and innovative designs that makes our projects unique. We truly believe that architectural designing is not a single man’s effort and team work is extremely important and we also value each and every suggestion and ideas put forth by our clients.
We blend inspiration and art, contemporary and traditional with sophisticated business acumen and see that our clients are supremely satisfied! We believe, all ideas starts from simple scratches or scribbling, which is then processed both in mind and paper and finally get rendered into unique complexes or state-of-the-art houses!
Our brand name “Scribble Engine” is partially evolved from the above idea, where we broadly call it as a design mechanism. Engines always convert one form of energy to another and our concept of working and seeing success by overcoming different issues and tuning in multitude of styles have a sincere relation to our name.
We also believe in the combination or fusion of multiple personality perspectives and ideas to a single or common platform through a detailed and systematic evaluation in our design program.
Our style and integrity is expressed through our work, and we give great importance to the concept of fusion of style, material, technology and culture. At present we are dealing with different design projects like residential, Apartments, Interiors, renovations, commercial, healthcare buildings and resorts etc.

“Scribble engine”, is a leading architectural firm, based in Tirur. The firm has earned a prominent name in the architectural sector with its professional expertise and delivery of quality projects. The key exertion areas of the company include architecture, interiors and architectural investigations.
Since its foundation it has grown from studio to multidisciplinary organization, sustained by a young dynamic rigorous team which is constantly seeking for new solutions combining creativity quality and accuracy needed to overcome the challenges of each project.
Our Projects
The concept was to design an absolute contemporary structure by giving more importance to its sustainability. This open planning concept connecting both interior and exterior is attained by giving exclusive glass facades and thus we bring nature inside & giving visual connectivity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Importance is given to visual spatial feelings apart from typical traditional concept like front elevations. Planning can be broadly explained as blending of two functional forms giving rise to a new one. It is an experiment and exercise to change the regular construction methods by the introduction of steels, precast concrete and smart boards and here we used the most advanced techniques and technology. SAFEER RESIDENCE is designed for the 100% usage of solar energy. We give more importance both to architectural and landscape designing as well.
Giving more importance to its massing and welcoming structure, the residence is designed for the PADIYATH group. The most highlighting part of this design is its front raised cube and the front water fall structure operated by the collected rain water. The central courtyard planning which plays a major role in the transition space between private and public space. In PADIYATH RESIDENCE we make use of rainwater to its maximum and the rainwater is collected and brought down in a most aesthetic way.
SABAH RESIDENCE conveys a fusion of traditional style with contemporary design and explains the feeling of transition from traditional to contemporary. Breaking the concept of central courtyard in a traditional style to a contemporary concept of multiple purpose space. It is designed in such a way that the natural light is brought inside to the courtyard from the top and the space is used as a newspaper reading area or an informal living which results in the usage of natural source of light to the maximum in order to save energy.
In this Design, Rather than usage of typical concept of commercial complex facade with cladding materials like ACP to a structure of typical experience, the concept is to hold the structure above the glass block which establishes a new identity and visual experience. In this design, Facade is a folded structure in which the main highlight is the usage of Ferro cement and Staircase connecting ground to the first is further fussed with folded structure giving importance to its identity and makes the building iconic.

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